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 Pittsburgh's Best Credit 

Repair Service

Good luck with attempting to repair your credit on your own! 

Most folks find it frustrating and are not willing to read and understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Debt Collection ACT and the bill of rights. Therefore they either download an e-book or use forms from the internet and end up quoting the incorrect section of the law. Or worse they use the on-line dispute process which triggers an E-OSCAR investigation culminating in an automated response. 

You may want to view the segment which aired recently on the TV program "60 minutes" and depicted how the on-line, consumer based dispute process totally fails. Click here to watch review to see why we say "Good Luck"..

The biggest problem they encounter if/when they ultimately come to us is the credit bureaus can then invoke their standard "previously verified" response. Effectively the client inadvertently ends up engraving the inaccurate, negative entries onto their credit report. 

Food for thought... 

If you continue down the "do it yourself" path, keep your results you receive from the credit bureaus. If/when you do come to us they will be key pieces of evidence and will provide us a clear path to engage. 

Paul Ritter
412 242-2733


If you have collections, charge-offs or late payments on your credit report, you may be denied credit, a loan or the best rates. (Video is also available at YouTube)

If Really want to get Serious, Here's a special for you. Use our promo Code to receive your discount to have your credit Service done for you!!

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 Pittsburgh, PA: Should I rent or buy a home?

Newest Numbers Show New Home Closings on the Rise in Pittsburgh.

Closings of new homes in the Pittsburgh, PA market jumped year-over-year in November, but with an increase less steep than that of October 2012, the market seemed to be showing signs of leveling out. Closings rose 22.2% from a year earlier to 165. This was after the housing market saw a 26.2% climb year-over-year in October.

A total of 1,674 new homes were sold during the 12 months that ended in November, up from 1,644 for the year that ended in October.

As a percentage of overall housing closings, new home closings made up 7.4% of overall housing closings. As a part of the whole, new home closings were 6.7% a year earlier. For new and existing homes, closings gained year-over-year in November after also increasing in October year-over-year.

Pricing and Mortgage Trends

In November, the average price of newly sold homes slipped year-over-year to $268,692 per unit, marking an 8.8% decline from the year-earlier figure. This decline is larger than the 4.1% decline in October from a year earlier.

The average mortgage size on new homes moved north year-over-year in contrast to new home prices. It increased 2.2% in November from a year earlier to $257,085. In October 2012, average mortgage size on newly sold homes saw an 8.1% rise year-over-year from a year earlier. The overall percentage of sale price that was being financed increased 10.3 percentage points year-over-year to 95.7% in November 2012. This was another bump after October 2012 when there was a 10.5 percentage point surge from a year earlier.

Other Market Trends

There has not been much movement in the composition of the market with regard of the types of properties sold. From a year ago, single-family home closings have moved from 97.8% of new home closings to 97.6% of closings while attached units have gone from 2.2% of closings to 2.4% of closings.

For all new homes sold, the average unit size grew 18.8% year-over-year to 2,875 square feet in November 2012. The average size of newly sold homes moved from 2,814 square feet in October 2011 to 2,281 square feet in October 2012.

Foreclosures and real estate owned (REO) closings did not appear to be dragging the market. Together, foreclosures plus REO closings represented 19.0% of existing home closings. In November 2011, they accounted for 23.2%. The percentage of existing home closings involving foreclosures went from 10.9% in November 2011 to 10.0% in November 2012 and REO closings as a percentage of existing home closings fell to 9.0% from 12.3% a year earlier.

 Is It Better to Buy or Rent?

 Whether renting is better than buying depends on many factors, particularly how fast prices and rents rise and how long you stay in your home. Compare the costs of buying and renting a home in the calculator below. Click the ADVANCED SETTINGS button to change inputs such as your rate of return on investments, condo/common fees and your tax bracket.

 On Renting VS. Home Ownership 

We are providing this link to help those who visit this page to give you more information on the best financial move on your part as far as the savings in or oppose to renting, savings in home ownership and other savings that can be provided.

Click the image above for information from the NY Times....


  Find Your Mortgage Payments 

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Loan amount: $
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Property tax: %
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